WKU Budget: Revenue

Projected revenue, FY17: $402,252,000

Projected Revenue by Source:

Source: WKU Division of Finance and Administration

Tuition & Fees:

Overall, tuition and fees revenue nearly doubled between FY06 and FY14, an 88% increase over 8 years (from $68,682,426 to $129,435,073).

From FY02 to FY11, WKU’s FTE (full time equivalent) student enrollment rose from 13,747 to 17,000; it has since fallen to 16,143. The net increase from FY02 to FY16 is 17.4%.

State Appropriation:

Our state appropriations have been steadily declining, from $74,836,800 in FY06 to $72,425,200 in FY14. This is a 3.19% drop over 8 years. When adjusted for inflation and the rise in student population, WKU’s state appropriations per student show an even steeper decline.

Restricted Funds:

Work Study, Pell grants, etc.

Self Generated & Auxiliary:

DELO, revenue dependent units, and some Aux units all contribute to WKU’s budgeted revenue.