WKU Budget: Expenditures

Western Kentucky University’s operating budgets since 2002 are available on the Division of Finance & Administration’s Budget website. See links below for a detailed budget by unit.

FY2018 budget snapshot, units > 1% of total budget:

FY18 pie chart

All WKU FY18 budgeted expenditures, by unit:

Division FY18 % of total
Academic Affairs $221,696,443 53.5%
Restricted Funds $55,976,000 13.5%
Facilities $28,855,245 7.0%
Athletics $23,640,383 5.7%
Auxiliary Enterprises $22,832,000 5.5%
University Wide* $18,376,935 4.4%
Information Technology $12,528,086 3.0%
Finance & Administration $10,410,163 2.5%
Student Affairs $9,139,950 2.2%
Development $4,905,759 1.2%
Public Affairs $4,341,363 1.0%
President $910,046 0.2%
General Council $660,225 0.2%
$414,272,598 100%

*University Wide includes debt services, benefits, and mandated student aid

WKU Finance & Administration budget links:

Changes over time:

Increases and decreases in a division’s funding can be misleading, as these are sometimes the result of internal reorganization (for example, Enrollment Management used to be part of Academic Affairs, Radio/TV moved from IT to Public Affairs, etc).

However, even taking reorganizations into account, Academic Affairs (including Enrollment Management) has only seen an 83% increase since 2004, while Athletics has increased by 137%, and “University Wide” (including bond payments) by 235%.

changes in budget